Passionate about truthful birth records and inspired to change lives for the greater good, Samantha became devoted to legislative change.  Her life story inspired Colorado House Bill 14-1372.  This bill, which is now law, makes randomly selling children on the internet for adoption a child trafficking crime due to its direct link to sex trafficking.  She also passed a retro-active Open Adoption Records law in Colorado in 2014 that allows adoptees to access their original birth records that were previously sealed as well as allowing birth mothers to access previously sealed relinquishment forms and original birth certificates for their natural born adopted children.  She then passed House Bill 15-1282, the first of its kind worldwide, which makes it a crime to falsify information about any birth parent on any birth certificates for all children born in the state of Colorado.  A landmark law, the measure allows fathers to exercise their constitutional right to parent.  It also lessens the potential for legal trafficking of infants as well as decreases the fraudulent use of personal assistance claims.  

Ever persistent, Samantha continues her work.  She is actively working to pursue similar laws in other states, beyond Colorado, and at the federal level.  Samantha continues to be a champion for the truth and transparency using education and awareness as she works with government officials and support agencies to introduce bills and get them enacted.

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Astonishing enough, that percentage is true in Colorado and in many state across the country.  And in most states, it is perfectly legal for the mother of a child to knowingly misrepresent or omit the name of the father on her child's birth certificate.  In fact, it is common practice to do so, because in many states, omitting the name of the father may make the mother eligible for higher state personal assistance claims.  

A child's inability to find his or her birth father leads to a host of issues -- some of which are:

    70% of adolescent patients in substance abuse centers are from fatherless homes.

    70% of juveniles in state reform institutions come from fatherless homes.

    80% of childhood obesity is linked to children living in fatherless homes.

    60% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.

    72% of teenage suicides come from fatherless homes.

These problems are not just borne by the individual and their families; the cost and impact is felt by society as a whole.

Because of the inspiring work of Samantha Jadin, Colorado became the first state in the country to make it a crime to knowingly falsify or omit a father's name on a birth certificate and other states are beginning to follow Colorado's lead.  Knowing your parentage and your father is a privilege and a right.  In Colorado, the law now requires birth certificates to be accurate.  It is fast becoming the law of the land.  

By shining a light into the darkness, Samantha's story changes lives while she changes laws.  When you look at the night sky, you see the light of stars, not the darkness.  Samantha, as a motivational speaker, sheds light on darkness, providing a path towards personal triumph and guidance through chaos.  Many participants find their own voice, their own light within them, as well as their own personal bravery and inspiration when connecting to Samantha during her motivational presentation. After all, connecting to others is what everyone has in common.   

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35% of birth certificates omit or inaccurately name the father of a child